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Lumii App- Edit Your Photos With This Award Winning Photo Editor

Lumii App is free for Android devices and allows you to edit your best photos in seconds.

This app has all the tools you need to make your photos even more beautiful and unique.

Lumii App main image

Lumii App’s filters are carefully selected for their quality, uniqueness and advanced level of performance.

Features Of Lumii App

Lumii App is an award-winning photo editor for Android which has been downloaded by over a million people.

The app offers a variety of features to make your photos stunning and it’s also available for iOS users and with these amazing filters, you can create beautiful images with the best quality, in seconds.

It has been created with focus on the user, who can apply filters to their photos with a single touch.

Furthermore, the app is intuitive and allows users to make adjustments using natural gestures or the app’s front screen.

BEST FILTER SETS FOR GOALS: No Filter, allows you to remove Lumii App’s filter from your image.

Sepia, gives your photo a vintage or old-fashioned look. This is a great filter for adding depth and atmosphere.

The only downside is that this app blurs some details and makes it slightly difficult to see what’s going on.

In fact, this photo editor is a new app that helps you to make a great looking photo in a very easy way  and it has many different filters, effects and frames that are very similar to paid photo apps.

How to use: Open the Lumii App and take a photo. You can adjust your image by moving, rotating or free rotating the picture.

But this app is free and available for download on the Android store.

In addition, you can also add filters, frames and effects on it and after you’re done editing your photo, share it with friends on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

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