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Menu Button APK 5.2 Free Download For Android Devices

If you want to create shortcuts on your Android smartphones, then Menu Button APK is the perfect app for this task. This actually works as a simple side menu that appears on a part of the smartphone screen.

It is easy to access some tasks on an Android device if you have shortcuts. Just like you want to open an app instantly or open WiFi settings etc. Android system does not provide that kind of shortcut. Therefore you have to create them manually using the Menu Button Apk. You have the ability to create any shortcut that you want easily. The best thing about the app is you can download Menu Button Apk for free.

menu button apk

What is Menu Button Apk?

This is the best shortcut maker that you can have on your Android smartphone for free. Some tasks take several steps to happen in Android. But with this, you can make them happen with a single tap. Also, there is a default menu button not working problem happens sometimes in Android. As a solution to this problem, you can use this app.


  • Simple and Easy side menu for quick access to shortcuts.
  • A good solution for the home button not working problem
  • Customizable Buttons Texts Transparency and everything in the Side Menu.
  • There is a widget for the app in the notification bar.
  • Enable/Disable Vibration.
  • Can add more button and also can change the position and size of the sidebar as you want.

menu button apk download

How to Download and Install Menu Button Apk

  1. As this app is a freeware download Menu Button APK for free.
  2. Then allowing unknown sources is the next thing to do. Because without that permission you cannot install this app because it is not from the Google Play Store.
  3. After that open the downloaded apk file and continue on the APK installer to finish the installation.
  4. Then after the installation process, you can find your app from the apps collection.

How to Use

  1. First of all, you need to download and finish the installation of the Menu Button apk to your Android device.
  2. After that go to your Android app drawer and find the specific app and open it.
  3. The next thing is you will get default shortcut buttons provided by the Menu Button APK.
  4. You can create or remove the shortcut button as your choice.
  5. Go to the Button Tab if you want to create new shortcuts and also you can manage all of them from there.
  6. So in the General Tab, you can change the appearance of the shortcut menu and buttons. You can change shape, size, icons, texts, and colors from there easily.


Is Menu Button Apk safe to use?

Yes. The reason for it is this app is from a genuine app developer. So the users can keep their trust in this app without any hesitation.

What are the Legal Issues?

There are no legal issues related to this app so far. You can use download and use in any country that you are in.

Do I need to root my Android smartphone in order to use Menu Button Apk?

Of course not. This app does not require any of the root permissions. So you can just download and install.

Can I download this app for free?

Totally. This app is freemium therefore you don’t need to purchase it from anywhere. So no money will spend on this app.

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