Phone Master

Phone Master – Free App to Speed Up Your Android Device

Phone Android performance optimization app is a simple-to-use, yet powerful android app that helps you delete junk files on your device and save phone storage.

Phone Master

With this App, you can uninstall unused apps and remove cache files, ad videos, log files, browser history & more.

Phone Master is a user-friendly Android app that lets you clean up the mess in your phone and SD card.

Phone Master Android App Android Optimization Features

Quick cleaning of unwanted files helps to boost the performance of your smartphone and save memory and space for new files, and save battery.


  • Analyse Apps and files that consume a lot of resources on your Android device
  • Clean up junk files to boost performance
  • Delete the cache on your device
  • Delete any unwanted files in your smartphone and SD card
  • Boost the performance of your device with file clean
  • Master more than 1,500 different types of junk files to clean.
  • Delete unwanted apps to save your phone storage.
  • Remove unwanted browser history/cache files.

Phone Master optimization app for Android can help you free up space on your phone by removing cache, temporary files, and other unnecessary data.

With this app, you can also stop apps from running in the background and use less battery power.

Phone Master app for Android can be used to make your Android device faster.

There are many activities that create junk files on your phone, and it’s important to clean out the junk to keep your phone running smoothly.

This app is designed to clean up junk files for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Unwanted files and Apps can accumulate in a phone’s memory over time, causing the phone to run slowly and crash unexpectedly.

This app safely analyses your Android device‚Äôs performance-consuming activities and cleans up the junk files on your phone, boosting your phone’s performance.

Download and install Phone Master, launch the app, and tap “Analyse my phone” to get a report of your device.

If you are running out of free space on your device, go back to the main menu and click “Analyse my phone” again.

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