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Playit is a video player app that is from an Indian app company called Yuvadvance PVT LTD. This is a very popular video player in the Indian region and not only that it has millions of Google Play downloads too. This app has overall positive feedback from the users, this article will let you learn more about the app and download Playit Apk to your Android device.


About Playit App

Android users and PC users can directly use this app. First Playit was introduced to the Android community in late 2019 and this has gained huge attention from smart users around the whole world. Playit app gives the ability to its users to play videos and listen to audio or music on their smartphones and it can play many formats. Not only you can watch videos you can download videos from different websites easily.

There is a Playit VIP app available for users who are willing to pay money for premium features. This VIP app will give you features like Add free, Changeable Skins, Converters, and many more. There are packages that you can choose from.

Playit Features and Functions

HD Video Player

When you open the app Playit will scan your device display all of your videos in your internal and external storage instantly. This video player has lots of advanced features like a Floating video player, Background Play, Muting, and more. One of the best things is you can cast your video play to other streaming devices.

HQ Music Player

Not only videos but also you can play audio formats on your device. Playit works as a pro Mp3 player to your smartphone. In this Music Player, you can mute, change ringing tones, Control Playback speed, and there is an equalizer that can change your music musical experience.

Mp3 Converter

If you got a music video or another type of video and want to convert it to an mp3 file, you can use the Mp3 converter on Playit App.

Changeable Themes

You will not be bored with the same skin as your player. This has several beautiful skins that can change your app interface completely. You can customize the theme as you want.

Smart Gestures

You will not need to use buttons anymore to change Playback, Volume control, Brightness control, etc. You can swipe the screen with your fingers to change them easily.

New technology

Playit App has smart mixer technology to provide you a great video play and audio play. In this technology the encoding time to encode video and audio is tiny. Because of this technology you can play audios on low-resourced smartphones and devices in High Quality.

playit video player

Playit Vip

The Playit VIP Package has lots of amazing features than the free version. You can customize your theme and change it into other themes. No ads are one of the best features because you will not be annoyed by them. You can have a 3-day trial period before you buy a VIP package. You can test it before you purchase it.


Finally, we can easily come to a conclusion that Playit Apk is a very useful tool when comes to Video and Audio Playing on your smartphone. You can download for free and also you can enjoy premium features if you buy the VIP.

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