Reaper Android Game

Reaper – Slay thousands of enemies in an epic action RPG

Generally speaking, most of the game players love Ninja Games, Actions Games, Challenging Games, and as well as Adventurous games since such kinds of game plays are more interesting than other game plays. Reaper is a story of a Black Swordsman who kills thousands of enemies to protect the kingdom. Reaper is a game filled with many different levels, unique environments, and different lands with obstacles and vicious enemies. This should be played level by level as a carrier. You can improve the skills of the game character with time. This is a role-playing game where you should be the Black Swordsman to protect the country. Slay down the enemies and protect your kingdom from the bottom of your heart!

Reaper is an Android game that is also available for TV boxes. Use game controller or gamepad. You can install TV version of this game using Play Store TV, Aptoide TV or by using Filelinked. Check Facebook groups and YouTuber for Reaper Filelinked code.

You can easily install this game on any Android phone using default app store. There are many Android phones without Play Store service. You can either download apk file or can use app store like AC Market. Using a app store will guarantee future updates.

Unique features of Reaper

  • You will be provided various kinds of weapons to fight back with your enemies. These weapons will ease your task than usual.
  • There gesture modes where you can jump, roll down, and attack the enemies that come in front of your face.
  • The attacks vary according to the enemies’ strength, and you have to be more powerful when you defeat a strong enemy. You can switch your powers and defeat them the easy way possible. As same as you level up, the enemies you should face will also be strong from level to level. So, you better improve your skills before fighting.
  • The enemies will also fight back with strong weapons such as Fire Balls and stuff. So make sure to be careful while battling. You should use your skills to save yourself from enemy attacks.
  • You will be rewarded with coins whenever you defeat an enemy. You will be rewarded for your achievements. So the more you achieve, the more you kill enemies, the more you get rewarded.
  • Using those coins, you can purchase weapons, outfits, and as well as powers. This will be interesting since you can change your clothes when you are going to different battle fields.
  • Reaper can be played on your smart phone, tablet, and as well as on your Android TV. You should use a game controller to play Reaper on your Android TV. This will help you to play Reaper on a big screen with special tools better rather than using your fingers.

Premium Version of Reaper

You can only play up to ten levels in the free version of Reaper. The after levels can be played after you purchase the game. There are purchasing plans up to $0.99-$5.99, so you can choose any subscription plan and play the other levels of the game play.


Reaper is a story of a Black Swordsman where you can play it in your own way and defeat enemies. This plot of the game is inspired by Battle Fields and the Swordsman, who fight to defeat enemies and protect the nation. So, why don’t you play the role of this strong Swordsman and protect the land from enemies? Give it a try. Trust me! You’ll get addicted without knowing.

Games require good resources to play without any issue. However, many Android phones loses it performance over time. You can use Game booster application like Clean Master to close all opened applications and background processers to free RAM space and CPU workload. As a result you can run your game at max speed.

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