ZArchiver Apk v 0.9.3 Latest version free Download for Android

ZArchiver is an app that is designed especially for archiving management. The main function of the ZArchiver is that. Apart from that, there are some unique features here. 


What is ZArchiver apk? 

ZArchiver is an app that could be used to perform multiple functions on the files. With the help of the ZArchiver app, the users of the ZArchivers could compress the files and extract the zip files. The file format is not required for the processes done by the ZArchiver app. Also, create any other required files by using the ZArchiver app. The password protection is allowed by the ZArchiver app. Although add files and removal of unnecessary things could be easily performed with the popular archiving management app. 

Features of the ZArchiver apk 

  • Simple 

The app has some unique functions. The controls of the ZArchiver Apk are very simple. That is with easy procedures even it is functional. Trust the facts. And the users can work very easily with the existing functions. 

  • No permission to the Internet 

The ZArchiver won’t have permissions to the Internet. Therefore any user of the ZArchiver won’t be capable of sending data from their own device to another one. That is totally restricted because there the ZArchiver won’t have the ability to make connections with the Internet. 

  • Multiple functions

Here as mentioned in the paragraphs there are many functions that can be performed by using the amazing ZArchiver. Some of such functions are Compressing, decompressing, extraction, and other all. If the user is having privacy-protective issues that also can be settled with the password protection on the ZArchiver. 

Aside from the main features of the ZArchiver, the following are newly added features. 

  • Fixed crashes 
  • The existed bugs have fixed 
  • Fixed the installation issues 

How to install ZArchiver apk? 

The installation of the ZArchiver for android devices can be easily done. There are only a few steps. 

  • Search the name ZArchiver apk by the Google play store 
  • Then the ZArchiver apk can be explored very quickly 
  • Click on the install after exploring the ZArchiver apk 
  • The app will be Installed just sometime later 
  • Feel free and continue working with the ZArchiver apk 

zarchiver apk

How to use ZArchiver? 

  • The compression of files decompressing of the files could be done with the ZArchiver 
  • Extraction of the files even possible with the ZArchiver app 
  • The options can be observed after starting the procedure of the app 

FAQs of ZArchiver 

Q: Is ZArchiver safe? 

A: The app is safe. Here the users can assign password protection. Therefore the files have assured security. 

Q: How can I download the ZArchiver for my laptop? 

A: Initially allow the downloads from unknown sources. Then download the ZArchiver apk. Install it on your device. Explore it via the downloads in the sd card or in the file manager. Then open the app and work with it freely. 

Q: Is that free to use? 

A: Yes, the ZArchiver is free to use. There are no external charges. Therefore continue your works freely. 

The ZArchiver is basically for archiving management. Then join with the ZArchiver and discover the use of it. 

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