Mouse Jiggler – Download Latest Mouse Automation Software for Windows

Mouse jiggler is a clever software application that can be very useful to you. It helps many people with computer activities.

Mouse Jiggler

This application is a self-contained executable file that runs directly from your computer without the need to install it.

The Mouse Jiggler tool is free software. You won’t have to pay anything in order to use it.

The Purpose of Mouse Jiggler Application

Mouse Jiggler application is exclusively designed for the one purpose of preventing your cursor from locking to the screen

If you are using a Windows PC, you might have noticed these issue

Sometimes when you’re busy with some CPU-intensive tasks such as video rendering, watching movies, and so on, the computer falsely detects it as being idle and puts your PC into screen saver or sleep mode.

When that happens, it interrupts the actual tasks that are currently running on your PC and error-outs them. This can result in a corrupted file or even system crashes.

That’s one of the reasons people install Mouse Jiggler Application because it helps you avoid situations like that.

You don’t want to have to sit in front of your PC and move the mouse pointer in order to let it know that it doesn’t need to idle.

We usually leave our PC aside during operations and assume the job is being handled on the computer.

With this sleep/screen saver prevention software, operating system interruptions due to false detection can be prevented, which is great for those who are always on their computers.

How does Mouse Jiggler Application work?

The application is very easy to download and use. It’s totally free to download, with no hidden charges or fees.

So for a quick download, visit the official website.

Download the Mouse Jiggler app, then simply open the app, and you’ll be able to see some information about what it can do for your PC.

The two methods of dealing with automatic sleep mode on Windows are “Zen-Jiggler” and “Jiggler,” so you will have these two options.

To clarify this, the Zen-Jiggler App will automatically move your mouse on your PC like a bot

If you choose the other option in Mouse Jiggler Software, you won’t see any movement on your mouse pointer.

With this software, you can emulate a live user on your PC, even leaving programs running in the background. It should create an artificial activity to convince the operating system that a real person is actively working.

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