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ShareMe (Mi Drop) offers the best-emulating process for both mobile and PC. You can share/copy different files between different devices without any need for a flash drive or cable. The P2P transferring tool developed by Xiaomi Inc along with multiple useful tools is used by 200 million users. The app supports all types of mobile devices, require no internet connectivity, transfer as well as receiving any type of content, transferring speed is 50M/s, and share data simply with one click.

shareme apk

Features of ShareMe

Mi Share for PC that is renamed to ShareMe, has various features that set it aside from the other such data sharing apps in the market. The best features of this app include.

User Interface

The Mi drop for PC has an excellent and charming interfere which is very decent. The first thing that any computer user notices in an app is the interface. The interface of Mi Drop for PC exe is sleek and decent that has all the users at the front for quick access. Users can make the best of their decisions and choices from its home page interface. There are several categories given on the screen from which users can choose to send or receive a file through this app.


When users are working on PC and android phones, they prefer performance and speed in whatever task they are performing. Speed is the demand of every user as a person cannot sit the whole day just for a data transfer. This app is very fast and efficient as it allows users to quickly transfer any files or data between two devices.

No Internet Required

The good thing about the Shareme application is that you don’t have to rely on internet services and connectivity in order to send and receive any files. All you need to do is connect the android device with your PC offline and start sending and sharing data.

File Types

It supports and transfers all types of files such as mp3, video, JPEG, and many other formats that include all types of videos, audio, and pictures format types. It is a versatile app for PC, and users can make the best out of it by sharing large-size files transfer within seconds.

No Device Limitation

There is no device limitation with this app as users can easily connect it to all the android phones and PC systems to share and transfer the data. All a user needs is to download the Shareme app from a verified and trusted source.


The Share Me app or the Mi Drop for PC software download is your easy help in getting to download and transfer files without any ads or promotions. The designers made it clear for any promotional interruptions.

Language Support

After you download mi drop for PC, you don’t have to worry about checking for the language as it supports a wide variety of common languages that are used all around the world. You can choose to select any of the languages for the app such as Bahasa Indonesia, or other languages like English, Bengali, Chinese, Español, Português, українська мова, Tiếng Việt, and a lot more from the list.

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