vivacut apk 2022

Vivacut APK Latest version Download | professional video editing app for Android

VivaCut for Android is a professtional video editor with all features you need! It‘s a pro video editor with music for cutting, trimming and splitting videos. You may also use its multi-layer timeline and chroma key to create awesome video collages for social media. Merge clips, add text, music, and filters to create eye-catching video and great slideshow. Take a leap for your video and experience the next PRO video editor generation. Free Video Editing App for wonderful life!

vivacut apk 2022

Simple, professional video editor

Video editing has never been so easy – all you have to do is download VivaCut APK for Android and get to work on cutting, splicing, and adding effects to all of your videos. The app is easy to use and produces convincing results, which makes it ideal for creating videos of fond memories, or even professional content for your YouTube and TikTok channels.


VivaCut – Pro Video Editor has its basic features that gradually more users will experience and get used to them if it is the first time they use a video editing application. Users can add videos in turn into a unified video together. It is entirely not tricky and extremely convenient when the video is primarily stored in smartphones. So, you will love experiencing this application. Simultaneously, adding any element from your phone is also wholly convenient when this is the device you use to save videos. From there, you can select videos from one source quickly without having to switch to another platform.

Also, you can edit the speed of the video you’ve gathered to suit your needs and purposes. At the same time, cutting the app is even simpler than ever. Another feature that anyone will have an initial impression of is that there are many separate timeline lines. For each timeline line, you will be able to add a random video or image so that they can appear video. Simultaneously, multiple timelines also become superior when the videos and pictures are not stacked and are uncomfortable when editing. Also, from there, bring specific creativity to each user.

Vivacut APP FAQ

How to Download Vivacut Pro Mod APK?

This is a modified version of the original app by other developers. You may be able to get it from different app platforms.

What is Vivacut online Editor?

This is an upcoming feature of the app.

What is Vivacut QR codes transition?

it is one of the features in the VivaCut App that allows you to create animated QR codes.

What is Vivacut voice-over?

This is an option in the VivaCut Professional Video Editor application that allows you to record voice.

How to edit in Vivacut app without a watermark?

You have to get the Pro version of the app in order to get all the premium features.

How to get the Vivacut app’s old version?

You can select the previous versions of the app in the changelog and download them.

Which country developed the VivaCut App?

The application country of origin is Hong Kong.

How to Download Vivacut App for Free?

You can get it from this website.

How to fix Vivacut export problems?

Try to update the application to its latest version or re-install the app.


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